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Bitcoin twitter account suspended

bitcoin twitter account suspended

Whoever has control of @Bitcoin has the power to influence thousands of people new to the crypto community just finding out about Bitcoin for the first time. Some believe the @Bitcoin account was hijacked by Roger Ver, a Bitcoin Cash supporter, as it only began tweeting about Bitcoin Cash in January despite being in existence since August 2011. The user behind @Bitcoin clearly disagrees with that view: Thats some bullshit if you ask. The intrigue over @Bitcoins new owner continues, as Shares posted on Twitter recently that since an account cannot be re-registered once it has been suspended, the account may have been deleted and then re-registered: On April 3, a panel discussion. The @Bitcoin account had over 821,000 followers, but when it was finally recovered, it was missing about 750,000 followers. . The @bitcoin account griefer-jacking is just the latest episode. In January, a user called it a Fake @Bitcoin account and tried to report it to Twitter. He continued blasting on the social media platform: Twitter is rewarding bad behavior. Roger Ver, an unspoken supporter of Bitcoin Cash, tweeted that the suspension of @Bitcoin is the death of free speech: Many hypothesized that Ver was the owner of @Bitcoin, based on a pattern of tweets being liked by both Vers personal twitter account and @Bitcoin. Conspiracy theories are now spreading all over the internet. As the @Bitcoin account is supportive of Bitcoin Cash, founded after a dispute over how to address the growing networks scaling issues, some are suggesting that the incident was purported by the Bitcoin Core side, who has falsely reported.

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It is speculated that bitcoin twitter account suspended the twitter handle had been acquired by one of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) team, mostly because of the accounts overwhelming support for the cryptocurrency, often referring to Bitcoin as Bitcoin Core. The rivalry between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, a hard fork of the Bitcoin Blockchain that took place in August 2017, is characterized by the debate over scaling issues on the network and how to solve them. Roger Ver, a long-time crypto entrepreneur and major proponent of Bitcoin Cash, tweeted today that the suspension of the BCH account is the death of free speech: Self-proclaimed cypher punk Jameson Lopp commented on Vers Tweet that freedom of speech. Jeff Garzik, Chief Executive Officer of Bloq and CTO of Space Chain, said: The @Twitter curation of its namespace is amazingly poor, @jack squatters and bots abound. Id like to know why my account was given to someone else, and then when its reinstated Im missing 750,000 of my followers. Additionally, according to commentators on the sub-Reddit post, if Ver had acquired the account handle by purchasing it, the account had broken Twitters guidelines: Buying/selling Twitter handles is supposedly against Twitter's ToS. Another flood of tweets claimed that they had reported the account for spreading what they considered being propaganda for Bitcoin Cash. A post on sub-Reddit /r/Bitcoin from earlier today that Twitter has finally suspended the compromised @Bitcoin account, is full of commentators that are on the whole happy about the account suspension. Though the twitter account has been around since 2011, it only became active in January 2018. We do not comment on individual accounts so nothing to share. In a Twitter-based continuation of the. Twitter user Cryptomania replied to Jameson Lopp that an army of people commanded by /r/bitcoin reporting the account non stop sic led to its suspension, to which Lopp retorted that even if that's the case, it's still an issue.

Random Account Owner #1: Bitcoin Jaguar. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Similar issues exist on Reddit with mass down voting / reporting / brigading. Since the account has been suspended, it has been mysteriously re-registered by at least two seemingly random users. When an account is suspended on twitter, it cannot be re-registered, so the community has speculated that the account was deleted then re-registered. Random Account Owner #2: K, others spoke up that no one should be the owner of @Bitcoin since there is no true spokesperson for the decentralized currency. Update: The account appears to have been returned to the original owner April. Over the weekend of April 7-8, the @Bitcoin Twitter account, which is run by an anonymous user, was briefly taken over by two users, one claiming to be Turkish, then another one claiming to be Russian. Freedom of speech doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want on someone else's property, starting an online argument about Twitters policies on account suspension. While the Twitter profile left the identity of its new owner relatively anonymous (the picture was of a Jaguar one could hypothesize that the new user may have been from Turkey, as their third tweet, before the new. Ver says he has no connection to the account, and @Bitcoin has tweeted that the ownership has not changed hands: I became busy with other things, much has changed since then and Ive decided to take a more active role in the community once again. Bitcoin Cash is a 2017 hardfork from Bitcoin, influenced by a disagreement over how to handle the cryptocurrencys scalability problem. Litecoin s (LTC charlie Lee, who posted a screenshot of the then-suspended account with an emoji of crying laughter: Before being suspended for a second time today, the account briefly appeared to have a new owner.

Twitter finally suspended the compromised bitcoin " account : Bitcoin

Some Reddit users also have hypothesized that Ver was the owner of the account due to an alleged coincidence with the Tweets that both Vers Twitter and @Bitcoin liked. Twitter seems to be slowly restoring them; On the incident, a, twitter spokesperson said. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. This is how they debate with those who disagree. To review, #Core fans reported @Bitcoin acct for abuse, reported my Reddit and GitHub accounts for abuse, drowned Bitpay and Xapo apps with one star reviews and votes, etc. Along those lines, Bitcoin enthusiasts promote second-layer scaling solutions ; they are opposed to any hard forks that may solve said problems, but seek to replace Bitcoin, protective of the Bitcoin name, whose user base and brand recognition are unparalleled by other coins.

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